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Are you looking for some serious birthday party inspiration? Well you better look up. The hot trend we’re loving at Glook right now is space themed birthday parties. They give you the chance to go all out with the decorations and they’re a classic crowd pleaser. Lean into the dramatic navy and metallic colour scheme, get out your star shaped cookie cutters and put on the perfect party.

Glook’s got all the metallic decorations you’ll need to make your event a success. Put out a navy tablecloth, turn off the lights and there you’ve got the darkness of space. For the stars, Glook has a huge range of metallic decorations that’ll take your décor to the next level. Hang our metallic string star garlands from the ceiling to replicate the night sky. Add some larger metallic foilboard stars around the room and on the table for some added glamour. And if you want to go all out then invest in a metallic door curtain to make a big entrance to outer space.

Pair your fantastic décor with an impressive spread of food. We’re not talking about the freeze dried rations that the astronauts had to put up with, we’re talking about leaning into the space theme and putting on a spread that’s out of this world. Make rocket shaped cookies, cupcakes to look like planets and pair them with a beautiful birthday cake. It’ll be a huge hit for all invited.

So throw a birthday party that both the kids and adults will be excited about. Plus, once the sugar high sets in you can always point out the space is completely silent and see how long that lasts. For more birthday party inspiration, get in touch with the Glook team today. We’ve got decorations for every party.

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