Plan your engagement party with Glook


Elegant and classy are two words commonly associated with weddings. They’re grand events filled with neutral colour palettes, stunning floral arrangements and traditions. Your engagement party on the other hand is a chance to add the glitz and glamour to this exciting time of your life. So go all out and throw a gorgeous party with Glook.

Let’s talk backdrops. Every good engagement party needs a space for photos. Everyone’s all dressed up and it’s a great time to get pictures with all the important people in your life. Fairy Lights are always a popular engagement party trend, but the team at Glook recommend taking it to the next level. Pair a gorgeous metallic tinsel curtain (we’d recommend the copper, rose gold or silver options) with rows of dangling fairy lights. This will create a stunning backdrop and take your photos to the next level. Whether you’re hosting your event out in a garden or inside a venue, this is a great way to create impact and add some glamour to the night.

Continuing on with the twinkling light trend, creating an overhead light and tinsel arrangement will give your event a magical feel. If you’re hosting your engagement party outside, having lights hanging overhead can be a great way to define your space. Thread a combination of fairy lights, Glook metallic string garlands, plus complimentary tinsel between walls or posts to give your event a magical feel.

If you’re looking for a more rustic vibe, we recommend using Glook lush forest garlands to bring your natural décor to the next level. These garlands look fantastic paired with a large spread of food on a big white table, threaded around the back of chairs or hung from the ceiling. They’re lush and rustic and can really complete your décor. 

If you’re planning an engagement party and are looking for décor advice, talk to the Glook team today.

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