How to enjoy a white Christmas in Australia


Hint, it involves celebrating in July. Christmas in July was created to give the southern hemisphere a chance to enjoy a traditional white Christmas. So if you're tired of missing out on ugly Christmas sweaters, gathering the family around the fireplace and big roast dinners followed by eggnog and pudding, Christmas in July is your chance to have the white Christmas you've always seen on television. Here are Glook's top tips for creating the perfect white Christmas in Australia.

Step one - bring out the Christmas sweaters. These are a key part of a white Christmas. They get everyone in the festive mood and are perfect for bringing the family together.

Step two- if you've got a fireplace, light it. Given that Australia has a typically hot climate, fireplaces aren't a staple in all houses. But, if you've got one, now is the perfect time to light it. It'll help create the wintery ambience you're after and really bring 'Baby It's Cold Outside' to life.

Step three - decorations. Don't skimp on the decorations for your Christmas in July celebration. Hanging your tinsel and putting up your Christmas tree are perfect ways to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit. If you're going to do Christmas in July, then you need to do it right. Glook has a huge range of top quality, Australian-made tinsel that'll bring your celebration to life. For a wintery, white Christmas effect, we recommend our dark green forest garland.

Step four- see the family. Family is what Christmas is all about. Whether you're celebrating in winter or summer, get everyone together for a big meal and a nice night. Enjoy the wintery ambience and take the opportunity to enjoy all your favourite Christmas traditions all over again.

If you're looking for advice on preparing your home for a white Christmas, talk to the team at Glook today. We've got all the quality decorations you'll need to make Christmas in July a success.

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