Time for Tinsel


2018 is the year we reinvent tinsel. With Christmas just around the corner it's the perfect time to get your holiday decor up to scratch. Whilst there are always the classic decorations; the wreath on the door, the extravagant tree and of course Christmas lights, let's get a little creative this year.

Let's get creative with tinsel. Yes, it looks great on the tree. It's bright and festive; it's a Christmas staple. But tinsel can do more. Here at Glook we've put together some great DIY tinsel projects that'll brighten up your house this holiday season.

Let's reinvent the wreath. The Christmas wreath is a holiday staple; it's classy and traditional and always looks great. It's also one of the first signs of Christmas people get to see as they enter your house. But they can look a little bland, so why not make your own. Choose a stretch of quality Glook tinsel for your wreath. Get creative with it and choose a bright pink or purple for maximum impact. Simply wrap your tinsel around a cardboard circle and enjoy this easy but eye catching tinsel wreath.

Spread some holiday joy. Tinsel's perfect for DIY ing, it's simple but effective. To create the perfect table topper, simply wrap a length of tinsel around some cardboard letters and let them speak for themselves. It'll make a big impact and it's entirely customisable. The size, colour and sentiment are all up to you.

Go big. Everyone puts up a Christmas tree, but is one really enough? This year we recommend you go all out with your Christmas spirit and create a second Christmas tree out of tinsel. You can choose the artsy aesthetic vibe and create a minimalist tinsel tree with an exposed wooden frame. It might be the Christmas accent piece you were looking for. You're making it yourself so the size, colour and aesthetic is all up to you. Whether you want to make an impact with a full size tree, or a tiny table topper, it'll be the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations.

Glook is renowned for our top quality, Australian made tinsel. If you're looking for noticeably better tinsel that'll put some class into Christmas, talk to the team at Glook today.

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