Lets talk about Baubles this Christmas


It's November, and that means that the supermarkets have had Christmas stock out for weeks already. So clearly it's time to start preparing.

Don't leave Christmas to the last minute this year. It's 2018, lets get organised in November and spend all of December enjoying the holiday cheer. Don't be afraid to blast 'All I want for Christmas is you' on December first as you enjoy fairy lights and rum balls. Embrace the Christmas spirit, and that starts with the decorations.

Think alternative this year. Baubles are an underrated Christmas decoration. They constantly get overlooked. They're the classic decoration that no one gets excited over anymore, and it's time for that to change. At Glook we've been inspired this year to do more with our Baubles. Consider creating an artsy Christmas tree without the tree, and really make your baubles sing. This would be a great decoration for outdoor entertaining in the Aussie Christmas heat. It's simple and stylish, and with Glook's range of high quality baubles you've got something special on your hands.

Hang your baubles from a windowsill or staircase as an alternative to tinsel. It'll make for an elegant, festive decoration that you can customise for your room. Or consider putting a twist on the classic tinsel wall and create your own with your remaining baubles. It'll create a Christmassy atmosphere from the second you arrive.

Think outside the box this year, your guests are sure to appreciate it and it'll encourage everyone to get into the holiday spirit. There's only 4 weeks to go, so you better get a move on. If you're looking for quality Christmas supplies that'll last, talk to the team at Glook and check out our extensive range of Christmas decorations. 

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