FIFA World Cup



Coming soon has never been closer. The countdown is on. The FIFA World Cup is around the corner. With the first kick happening at 6pm on Thursday 14th June (1am Friday 15th if you're watching in Australia), it's time to start planning how you're going to celebrate and support your favourite team. It's time to get in the spirit.

Getting to Russia to support the team is a big ask, maybe you were put off by the 20 hour flight, but you can still show your support with our World Cup Flags.

The World Cup is a sporting phenomenon. It occurs once every 4 years, and with 32 national teams competing, the whole world gets involved. In fact, roughly half the world's population will watch the world cup, and drink upwards of 3 million beers, so that's definitely something to get involved in.

Whether you're supporting your country or just watching for the quality football, we have the flags you'll need.



Bring out your competitive side with our waver flags; they're a great way to flaunt victory over your friends. Because we all know it's better to be a bad winner than a bad loser.

Celebrate your country with string flags and make sure all your friends know who to support.

Or, if you're only watching for some quality competition and an excuse to crack open a slab with the mates, look at our 2018 World Cup bunting with all of the competing nations to really set the tone.

The World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world, so get on board and celebrate properly with Glook's World Cup Flags.

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