Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is just under a month away, can you believe it? There’s so much to plan - who to buy for, where you’ll be, how to decorate. It doesn’t have to be as stressful when it comes to decorating your home or business.  Here are Glook's top tips for creating the perfect Christmas in Australia.

Colour palette - what colours do you like? Traditional or something more modern like monochrome? You could go natural with realistic green garland, and add baubles or ornaments to make it personal. Bright tinsels or deluxe made to order garland featuring any colour combination will suit all tastes. You may just want to decorate one room or perhaps the Christmas table. Less is more - and leaves room for the most important thing, food!

How to display - Draped over the tree, from the ceiling or against the walls, the options are endless. A popular option is to run tinsel from all 4 corners of a room hung at the same depth. You can then hang baubles from the tinsel, maximising the Christmas feel. Running tinsel along your fireplace (if you have one) is lovely in contrast with hanging stockings. Carefully pair with low watt LED lights for that extra sparkle! Be careful not to leave these unsupervised however.

Mix and match - Tinsel, baubles, foilboard shapes like stars, hearts and Christmas trees can be used either around the house or as a part of a more elaborate window dressing for your business. Turn heads! Hang them alongside or as a part of tinsel garland.

Complete the table - Bon Bons from Glook come in three different styles and make the Christmas table complete. Everyone needs a daggy dad joke and little trinket at the table.

If you're looking for advice on preparing for Christmas, talk to the team at Glook today. We've got all the quality decorations you'll need to make Christmas an enjoyable experience.

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