Celebrate your 50th Birthday in Style

Welcome to the golden age! Congrats on making it this far. If you're turning 50 in 2018 we recommend doing it in style and celebrating it the only way we know how - by going all out.

You're halfway to a hundred, and that's not something we should trivialise. Many great dynasties, social movements and inventions didn't make it this far. But, here are a few things that did. In 2018, celebrating with you will be Ziploc Bags, Bean Bag Chairs, Calvin Klein and Imax, all here to keep you company. If you're looking to do a joint birthday, send out invitations to Will Smith, Hugh Jackman and Owen Wilson. They're all hitting the big 5-0 and would be glad to drop by and pop open the champagne.

Here at Glook, we recommend going classic with your decorations. Embrace the timeless theme of black and gold. Turning 50 is affectionately referred to as entering your golden age, so we recommend really leaning into that theme. Statement gold foilboard numbers pack a punch and pair perfectly with our metallic gold star garlands. Contrast with dark decor, black tablecloths and black, white and gold balloon arrangements. If you're really feeling the celebration, have a think about a gold door curtain to let guests know they're in for a night of celebration.



Add a chalkboard to the corner for guests to sign. It ties in with the theme and by the end of the night you'll have a board chock-full of messages and congratulations. It's the modern answer to the traditional guest book. Place a decorative bucket at the entrance of your party and get your friends and family to put their best 'bucket list' suggestions in it. It's a great memento for the end of the night.

Your 50th birthday is a milestone, so celebrate it. Glook as a classy, high quality range of party products, so make your night memorable and worth it.

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