A Magical Mothers Day


It's time to say a huge thank you to all the talented Mums out there. You're doing amazing sweetie!

Mark your calendars, set your phones, because you're going to feel really bad if you forget the 12th of May. Mothers Day is right around the corner and you need to start thinking now. Your Mum is there for you 24/7 and this is the one special day of the year where we get to say thank you, and really show our love and appreciation.

Go with the classics. You'll never beat a heartfelt, handwritten card and a special Sunday brunch on Mothers Day. They're the classics for a reason. Make your Mum feel pampered and pretty all day long. Give her a day off from your moody teenage years and your ungrateful adult ones. You know she deserves it.

Add some sparkle to her add. Go above and beyond this year with some help from Glook. Do some late night preparations and hang a shimmer curtain on your Mum's door so she can make the big, bold entrance she deserves. Pair your shimmer curtain with our foilboard hearts. They make a great addition to your brunch spread and are a cute way to leave messages around the house for your Mum.

The other big Mothers Day trend has always been DIY work. It shows you've put in the effort to make her feel special and it's always appreciated. Rather than going down the traditional flowers path and throwing out your expensive rose bouquet three days later, DIY an unconventional bouquet. Use foilboard hearts to create your own flower arrangements. They've got a good shine and will really make an impact.

Whatever path you go down this Mothers Day, put in the effort to make her feel loved. Your Mum is a real MVP so make sure you acknowledge all the hard work she puts in. If you're looking for any Mothers Day decor advice, talk to the team at Glook today. We'll help you put on something truely special for your Mum.


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